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Are you overwhelmed by skyrocketing electricity bills? In a recent poll, more than 50 percent of U.S. households are very or extremely concerned about energy costs. And it’s no wonder—residential energy waste totals around $2.1 billion each year.  

Plug2Know is helping to change that.

By providing consumers with the necessary products to effectively monitor household energy usage, Cymbrio aims to drive awareness and change amongst budget-savvy households. Plug2Know, the latest in Cymbrio’s line of energy-management products, uses advanced, patent-pending technology to take the guesswork out of managing household energy costs.

Simply insert Plug2Know into a standard wall outlet, then plug any device or appliance directly into Plug2Know. Next, Plug2Know tracks the attached device’s energy use patterns, including periods of standby or when it’s powered off. After one or two days, Plug2Know’s LED output can be read to determine how much energy the monitored device uses while active, on standby, or plugged in but not in use. (A national energy cost lookup chart is included with each product, and state charts are available for download.) 


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Plug2Know takes the guesswork out of managing household energy costs.

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Insert Plug2Know in Outlet

Connect Device to Plug2Know

Know your Energy Costs

Compare Results with Table

Read LED Output

Allow Plug2Know to Track Usage







With Plug2Know, you eliminate waste—both to your budget and the environment—by reducing your energy footprint and by substantially decreasing your monthly energy costs. It’s as simple as plugging in the device, tracking usage, and comparing your results with the provided energy lookup chart.

We invite you to join the growing number of families who are saving 30 to 50 percent on their utility bills, simply by using Plug2Know. You can then make smarter decisions that will result in immediate energy savings.

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